Star Meditation for Achievement and Growth

No matter what, keep going.

No matter how bad things may seem, keep your eyes focused forward.

As a business owner and someone who has wholeheartedly committed to changing my career, these kinds of changes are very intimidating and, if allowed, doubt can creep in very easily. Doubt will only take you away from your intended path, because it’s just energetic distraction pulling you away from your focus on your goal.

You are put on this earth to have and achieve everything you want.

How did you feel when you read that sentence?



People show up in our lives who try to convince us otherwise all the time. Strangers, teachers, coaches, friends, family, spouses, loved ones, employers, employees, students, coworkers, and the list goes on and on. By connecting to your center, you have the ability to stay your course no matter what is occurring around you in nature.

Stars cannot shine without a black backdrop. Contrast is what makes them unique. Allowing darkness to be around them is what makes them stand out. You are that star. You are a STAR. You are meant to be on this earth just like how every single star is meant to hang in the velvet sky. The iron and other precious metal particles that help keep your body energized are from a star that burst millions of years ago.

Yes, you are star dust.

You are made of energy, so you can never tire.  Whether or not you experience that depends on whether or not you believe that about yourself.

You are equivalent to the dust under your feet and the stars twinkling in the night sky, even the one giant star that keeps this planet warm and ice-free, and gifts us with daytime.

No matter what, stars show up every single night. We might not be able to see them or only see a couple of them some nights or every night, but they are always there. During the day time you cannot see the stars, but you know they are still there. They are a stout reminder to always show up, because showing up is 80% of your work complete. Stars know what it means to keep going, and keep shining, and that is the message they have for you.

Stars remind you to keep shining even when no one is looking.

The next time you notice the star-lit sky, take a moment for a star meditation. Connect with one single point out there in the expansive universe to get in touch with how expansive your own personal universe is within you.

You can do this at any time of the year. In fact, do it tonight. If it’s raining outside, request that there be a break in the clouds so you may see a star twinkling between the clouds. Then let the rain fall on you. Some people choose to feel the rain, other people just get wet.

If you are in a crowded, lit up city that obscures the dots of sparkle in the night sky, do your best. Either pick one out through the haze of city lights that calls to you, or move to a quieter location, or just outside of your city or town, to focus on the night sky and really take in the spectacular view that is the theater of the heavens.

However you do it, make your way to an ideal location where you can lose yourself into star gaze. Set yourself up for success and give yourself and opportunity to really see a great big star to focus on.

Focus on a single star for at least five minutes. Set a timer if you want. In fact, I encourage you to set a timer. Think of nothing else but that star.

Every time you notice your mind wander, think the word “star” and bring all of your attention to that star.

If you are afraid of the dark, you should definitely do this meditation. Face your fears, pass your worries and fear on to the star, tell the star why you are worried and what you are fearing, and say it out loud. Give up what you must to your star, get empty of those concerns, and let yourself be filled with the faith and support that the universe offers.

It’s ok to blink, but never look away, and definitely never ever look at your timer.

For those five minutes, that star exists only for you, and you only for that star. Even billions of miles away, connect to the fact that you are deeply connected by the same forces of the universe.

Focusing on nature’s beauty heals your brain, it heals your soul. Meditating on a piece of nature helps to remind you what your purpose is here on this planet, and will help you to keep a keen, focused mind on those things you are meant to do: follow your truth, work hard with a joyous heart, and inspire others to be as authentically themselves as you are.

Because, you see, we can all see the same stars in the sky from anywhere on the planet. We all share the same sun as our day time star, and by connecting to those things in nature that help give us life and beauty we connect to those things inside of us, too, and in turn you help others connect to their own inner beauty and inner light, too.

Focus, focus, focus on your nighttime star. Do this every night for a week, preferably right before you go to bed. The more you focus on your star in the sky, the more you have the ability to focus on the inner light of awareness that never changes inside of yourself.

From this point of focus, you will be able to create the life you absolutely most desire, because you are connected to Source. To live is to create, and creating your life is the ultimate form of freedom.

If you can stare at a star for five minutes without thinking of anything else, you will be able to achieve anything in your life.


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