GreenG Lifestyles Juice Bar Sound Bowl Meditation

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation and Organic, Clean Eating

Last week I taught a crystal sound bowl meditation in a restaurant here in the Wynwood district of Miami. It was a little organic, fresh juice place that specializes in using superfoods called GreenG Lifestyles Juice Bar. The owner, Andrea, reached out to me over social media about it, and I was more than happy to accept her offer of a collaborative meditation and good, clean eats!

For me, this meant a lot, because I miss the easy access I had to clean eating when Jugo Fresh used to be next door to the studio where I work, greenmonkey yoga. They merged with Whole Foods down the street from my studio, which is great for them, but not so great for me. I missed popping in there once in awhile and grabbing a quick bite. Their food always made me feel so good: energized, refreshed, and vital. Their merger also took away a lot of the signature pieces that I loved, like their salads and inventive sandwiches.

Thankfully, as Jugo Fresh makes their climb up the corporate ladder (more power to them, by the way!), there are other little restaurants opening, similar to how Jugo began, that are willing to step up and follow in their footsteps, and add their own spin to things.

One thing I love about GreenG Lifestyles is that their recipes are not restricted to vegan recipes. Some of their items include organic chicken. Everything I saw on their menu and in their coolers had at least one superfood in it. Since I read David Wolfe’s book two years ago, Superfoods, I have been hooked to them ever since. I love taking my marine phytoplankton and blue green algae in the morning. Cacao, lucuma, and two TCM mushrooms are in our coffee, Cheetah Grounds: reishi and cordyceps. All of these clean, nutrient packed ingredients really help motivate my day and help me get more things done than I normally would. Superfoods are also special because, by definition, they possess a huge nutrient density while delivering few calories. Many superfoods also assist our bodies in absorbing food that we are already eating, so over time incorporating superfoods into our diets will help decrease the amount of actual food we consume in a day.

Besides eating clean, meditation is obviously one of my absolute favorite activities. It’s something I absolutely must do at least once per day. I aim for twice per day, and I get it in twice a day most days, and the days I don’t get it in twice a day, I get to do it once per day. Meditation has truly transformed my life. And combining that with eating clean it has made my meditations even deeper.

It only seemed natural that I do a collaboration with a restaurant that believes in eating the same way I do: organic food that’s locally grown and made, that makes you feel so good you are able to tap in to the best version of yourself.

As I do before all of my crystal bowl meditations, I opened the class with a small lecture about my crystal bowls.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in any of my recent posts, but I have an aloe vera plant growing in my backyard that I absolutely adore. One of my clients gave it to me when a bootcamp I used to teach ended up being canceled. Just a month ago, I was worried about this plant because it wasn’t doing too good: it had started turning black from the roots and was crawling ever so slowly up the stalks to the tips of the hard, spiny leaves. I was really bummed because in the past just regularly meditating (for me that’s breathing exercises and chanting, pre-soundbowls) had started out helping my plants grow, but then seemed to taper off. My aloe plant was a perfect example of this.

About three or four meditation classes ago, I brought all my bowls outside like usual, and people arrived at my home. I played for them for about 25 minutes beneath the night sky amidst all of my plants. Lo and behold, the very next morning when I went to water all of my trees in the backyard, my aloe had miraculously changed color! It was it’s signature vibrant green, it’s stalks standing tall and at attention, willing me to notice it’s vitality and vibrancy. I had never before been so grateful to have learned to play crystal bowls and play them outside. I realized that not only was I playing for the students who attended my meditations, but I was also playing for the faceless creatures, too. It was so beautiful to see, and I couldn’t believe it had happened because the plant the day before had been so dead looking.

My aloe vera plant now has two more full plants budding to either side of it, and a small piece even fell off, which I felt guided to plant on another area of my garden. We will see what happens in the next couple weeks with that new little piece! I hope it plants itself and becomes a whole new plant.

The great thing about this story, which I shared with my class last Thursday when I taught my meditation, was that if this was true of my plant in the backyard, it was also going to be true of all the living food within GreenG Lifestyles. All of the food waiting to be prepared will achieve a higher vibration just by existing within the same room while the bowls are being played. I told my class this is also what is occurring at the level of your cells: reparation beyond imagination.

Quartz crystal is very similar in form to our cells: it’s structured and rigid, and like our own bodies, it is part of this earth. It holds a charge and has had many uses over the years for everything from watches to frequency control in radios and televisions to adding a positive charge to drinking water when poured over them. Crystals are useful and integral to our functioning every day lives, and no more so than with quartz singing bowls.

I read in the book Native American Secrets of Crystal Healing that doctors have put quartz crystal clusters in the operating rooms while conducting surgery. The presence of the crystal alone had an impact on their patient’s recovery time: on average, patients healed 30% faster when a crystal was present as compared to when one wasn’t present. I experienced this from my first sound bowl meditation when I wrote down on a piece of paper that I committed to giving up my knee pain. The next morning after the meditation, my knee was completely normal and healthy.

Crystals absolutely have the ability to heal. For me, especially when they are played, they have the ability to move healing forward at a very rapid rate. The vibrations emitted from the bowls create this momentum, and when combined with healthy eating like the incredible juices, smoothies, and salads we sampled after my meditation class at GreenG, healing occurs even faster.

We even had the luxury of being exposed to the gentle misting aroma of pure lavender oil from Agata, one of Andrea’s colleagues and friends, from the essential oil company Doterra oils. To describe the wonderful healing effects I have experienced from Doterra will take another blog post for another day.

When I played my bowls in the restaurant, it charged the entire space. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, and everything has it’s own signature vibration. That is what makes it itself. That is also why so many mystics and spiritual teachers over the centuries have claimed that you can have anything you want in this life from world peace to healthful living to the home you desire just by matching your inner vibration with that of what you desire. In the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamsa Yogananda explained his experience of meditating and amulet into his hands. Whatever your vibration is, is what you attract. If things and events are occurring in your life that you do not desire, it is time to upgrade to a new frequency: align yourself with the things you desire, begin to change your thought pattern habits, and your outward habits, and one moment at a time, begin to change your life.

You can intentionally change your life in one single night just like what happened with my aloe vera plant. That is truly the power of meditation. Meditation is designed to align you to your highest version of your self, your inner self, because that inner light being never changes, and never falters. Life around your inner light of awareness is pure chaos, but it doesn’t have to affect you.

Let everything go to shit around you, that is what the world does. You find the greatest beauty in your life when you are centered, and in the middle of chaos you find the answers, because you choose to not react to the negative things. That is what meditation teaches us all: keen discernment about what matters to us, and what doesn’t. Keen discernment around the things we should pursue, and the things that aren’t worth pursuing.

What is worth pursuing is meditation and taking care of your body. The energy of the entire planet is elevating right now, and it can seem easy to fall into the trap of complaining about physical or mental tiredness, rather than looking at your daily choices and realizing you haven’t had enough sleep, drank enough water, or consumed enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

Establishing a consistent meditation practice is the most significant way to take responsibility for your life.

If you have the presence of mind to sit and connect within for five minutes per day, you have the presence of mind to understand that eating well is a lifestyle, not a meal-to-meal decision.

Meditation and clean eating go hand in hand: the better you eat, the more clear and grounded your meditations. The more you meditate, the better your body absorbs the food you are eating because all of your cells are wide open, and the more you enjoy your food in the moment.

Choose to take care of yourself from the inside out: meditate, eat well, and practice forgiving yourself. There will be times when you come out of integrity with your eating (or “re-fueling” as I like to refer to it) or miss a day or two or 200 from meditating. The key is: forgive yourself, and make the choice right now to eat for your soul and meditate for your heart and higher self.

The entire world is waiting for you so we can all be inspired!


Join us for our next sound bowl meditation at GreenG Lifestyles Juice Bar on July 7 at 7:30 pm.


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