We are all in this life together.

You are supported in all ways: your needs, your dreams, your wants, your desires.

Sometimes it seems as though we are unsupported, but that is only because we are focusing on the wrong thing.

The great thing about support is that it is similar to happiness. If you are having a crappy day, the best way to make it better is to make someone else laugh, smile, or just in general feel good. Happiness spreads like a candle flame light successive votives.

Support is the same way. If you desire support for your achievements, show others the same as well. The beautiful thing about goals and achievements is that there is enough for everyone to achieve. There is enough of everything to go around to all, in the most abundant way. This is the way the world has always been. It is how the world is now. It is how it will be forever.

If you are reading these words and you do not believe it, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with believing in lack in life; we are all there at some point, otherwise we can’t appreciate believing in abundance in our lives. However, the sooner you snap out of your delusion of lack, the sooner you will begin to live the vibrant life you have been craving. You are meant to shine in this world, and your light is meant to encourage others’ lights to shine as well. You see, your ability to support exists so that you in return can be supported as well.

I saw examples of this a lot when I was working food service. Those employees who never stepped up and helped out their co-workers with picking up shifts here and there when coverage was needed in turn had a hard time getting their shifts covered. You have probably seen many cases of this over the years in many walks of life. Support is an extension of gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a powerful form of love and attention. The work of love and attention is to help things grow. So, whatever you give attention to, you give gratitude to, and you help that thing grow.

What is occurring in your life that you are giving attention to?

Are the best things happening for you that you want to have happen in your life?

If they are not, shift your focus so that they are. Get excited about the things you love, lose yourself in the pursuit of your passions. Even if that means you might be two minutes late to work because you decided to finish reading/writing/painting/jogging/singing or whatever it is that really revs up your spirit: DO THOSE THINGS.

You see, the best way to support others is to support yourself first. Support your soul just by doing the things you like.

Trust that you are supported by the universe and things will turn out exactly as you wish them to, because you do not ever get what you deserve in life. You only get what you BELIEVE you deserve.

In order to receive, you must first give. Be generous with whatever you have on hand to be generous with: time, money, art, food, love, peace, kind words, hugs, smiles. It’s all the same. They all serve the same purpose in the end: to support one another and help create forward momentum on this planet.

What can you do today to support yourself in the highest and most authentic way? What haven’t you done yet today that you need to get done in order to feel complete in the depths of your soul?

Do that thing or those things right now. Do them with a sense of self-compassion because that is what it is there for.

Fill up in order to empty out. Act from self-love and passion, move your life forward from the space within you, and see all the wonderful things you attract in your life.

You are meant to have everything you want in your life.

You CAN do it.

Give yourself the space and permission to believe in yourself, to support in yourself, and let others support you when they step up to give it.

Support is a delicate balance in being true to yourself and in being in open receiving to the gifts of the universe.

And, so often, the greatest gifts of the universe come from the people around you whom you encounter every single day.

Be open to them, be open to life.

You deserve it.


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