I Completed the Fairyologist Course!!

This is a lesson in standing by your truth!


I just finished Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course and received my certificate! I am so, so grateful for this little venture! I have done a lot of certification courses over the years: CrossFit, yoga, CPR, continuing education units, etc. I have my degree in exercise physiology from the University of Miami, too. I have to say, though, that finishing this course REALLY makes me feel great about myself! By far it was one of the most fun courses I have ever taken, and it is the only online course I have ever taken.

I have loved fairies and fairy tales since I was a little kid. Anything having to do with bright colors, sparkles, magic, rainbows, every fantasy creature from mermaids to unicorns to dragons to fairies fascinated me. I loved playing make believe when I was little, and I played make-believe when I was by myself or with friends.

As we all grow older, we tend to let that child-like side of ourselves get pushed to the side as responsibilities crop up along the way. School, jobs, rent, appointments, all those seemingly un-inspirational things that actually is part of the glue that keeps our lives functioning and together. Sometimes we fall short in those spaces and it causes us stress. For myself, I know I got WAY off the track of what really made me feel inspired, light-hearted, and at ease within myself, and that was reading fictional books, mostly fairy tales.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am that Doreen Virtue created this certification course. It gives me the space and freedom to really have FUN again, which is what fairies are all about. Fairies help our plants grow and are the guardian angels of all animals, they are the elemental pictures of industriousness, but they also know how to balance their work with their play. They love having fun, playing tricks, and playing music just as much as they love putting their time in to their work.

This is such an important lesson for all of us on this earth plane!

Work hard, play hard.

Make them equal.

It is only in this delicate balance that we can truly live into our truth, and it is truly the only way we can and will be satisfied with our lives and ourselves.

Love your work, and love your play. Play with the intense focus of a child, and work in the same way. Focus, focus, focus on the work that is in front of you, and you will reap such grand results from cultivating such a simple and precise habit.

Doing the Fairyologist course has allowed me to step into my truth and stand by it. Reconnecting with my inner child through this course has been so much fun and life-changing. I have begun to write children’s fairy tale books which will be published soon. A dear friend of mine even turned me on to adult fairy tales by Laurell Hamilton, something I have been debating about writing myself for awhile.

Our lives are meant to be fully self-expressive. By holding back on the things we are passionate about, the things we love to talk about, teach about, and dedicate our times to we slowly kill ourselves from the inside out.

When you take hold of your truth and unapologetically live it in full force you give others the permission to do the same. The most powerful kind of inspiration is the kind where you don’t have to say anything at all, you just do it, and others follow suit.

Albert Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge, and how right he was. So many people have been gifted to our planet who have created marvelous worlds for us to lose ourselves in: Tolkien, Martin, Homer, Shakespeare, Brothers Grimm, Hans Chrsitian Andersen, Rowling, Gabaldon, the list goes on. I recognize I am only naming the most famous ones, so I give your permission now, go explore.

Whether it’s superheroes or fairy tales or other sorts of fiction stories, even if it’s historical fiction, give yourself permission to lose yourself in someone else’s art so that you may get in touch with your own. We are put on this planet to support one another, to inspire one another, and to recognize and connect with one another. One of the most beautiful ways to connect with one another is through storytelling and sharing imaginative ideas and stories.

Anything you can imagine, you can create.

Your greatest freedom is your ability to create your future, so go out there and create it.

If it includes fairies, angels, gnomes, mermaids, whatever it may be, go have fun! Your fairies are asking you to!

Drop what you are “supposed” to do. Land in what you WANT to do. Have fun, go outside, connect with people away from your social media and technology. Go to a park and throw a football. Jump and play in the ocean. Climb a tree.

The world is waiting, and the only way to move this planet forward is by being true to you.

Come out and play.

Live your truth.

A life that is all work and no play lacks inspiration. A life that is all play and no work lacks deep satisfaction.

Find your balance, listen to your heart, and act from the depths of your soul.

Your inner child is begging for it, and everyone around you desires to see it from you!


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