Taurus New Moon

New Moon Meditation May 2016

Teaching group meditations has been my new favorite thing this year. I absolutely adore meditating, something I never would have imagined myself saying a year and a half ago. I used to think that meditation was something I had to do, like brushing my teeth. It was something I did, and for a long time it was something I did that was less consistent that brushing my teeth.

I fell in love with group meditation when I began taking the soundbowl meditation classes at greenmonkey yoga where I work as a power yoga teacher. The healing effects of that first meditation I took were profound, to the point where it even healed my right knee, and it was something I knew I had to do. I have been to Jill Rapperport’s soundbowl meditation classes many times since then, and have left feeling brand new every time.

I was so grateful when my boyfriend, Al, told me one day that he found a heart chakra crystal bowl on Craigslist for a price we couldn’t ignore. It was still expensive, almost as expensive as my metal one that I take with me and use during shavasana when I teach my yoga classes, but it was a calling neither one of us could ignore. Crystal soundbowls have had a considerable impact on our lives in so many ways, and with my heart condition, I knew I had to have that one. We split the cost of the bowl together, and once I got it I began teaching my meditations with my crystal bowl instead of my metal one.

My first group meditation ever was with my metal Tibetan singing bowl. My metal bowl sounds much more siren-like, and it is just as powerful as my crystal one, but in a different way. It’s more high pitched, whereas my crystal one is deeper, almost throaty-er, and has the smoothest humming sound that has the capacity to take you away with it wherever it wants to take you.

Last night’s meditation was by far one of my most packed classes, and I am so grateful for everyone who comes. I am equally grateful for the people who return again and again and also for the new faces I see. Every time I teach a meditation, my favorite part is seeing the glow on my students’ faces when they leave. It is so important to me that more and more people learn to meditate, and I love teaching these meditations in alignment with the moon’s phases because it gives me an opportunity to learn so much about things I know little about, like astrology and what is happening with the planets and the moon. Before every meditation, I do some quick research on YouTube and I teach what I have learned to my classes. Every single class I have a new activity or routine for everyone to do that always involves some kind of journaling. Last night we did a beautiful journaling exercise with black paper and silver, white, or gold pens to represent the stars in the moonless sky. I had everyone write down things they wanted to give up on one side of the paper, and on the other side goals they want to commit to. Today they all have homework to burn the piece of paper, gather the ashes, and then bury the ashes in the earth. With the new moon in Taurus, it is a time to really connect with the earth, as it is a major earth sign, and to plant seeds that we wish to see germinate later this year. This year, 2016, is a very special year because in numerology it is the year of 9, which means a year of completion. This is a time of year, and also the year, to get complete with things, get clear with things. Get clear on life intentions, goals, and aspirations. Get clear on your relationships with others. Get clear on what your true beliefs are about your life and your purpose. It is a time to begin cutting people out of your life who do not serve your higher purpose, and send them away with good intentions and wishes, as you focus your intention forward and on what you can powerfully do to contribute to this planet.

These are the things I teach in my meditations, and I cannot believe how much I am loving what I am doing.

Last night was by far one of the most magical experiences I have had in a long, long time. I had my students pick oracle cards from a bowl at random, and gave them all space to share what their cards read, and what the message meant to them. While this was going on, we had a flying visitor come in to our midst! I knew immediately what is was when it flew right into the back row of my students. The meditation hadn’t started yet, so I still had some back lights on, and I could make out the shape of a flying beetle, the same rainbow beetle that had visited me nearly a year ago, the totem beetle that darted through my hair and landed on the earth in front of me right as I finished my meditation.

There were a lot of animal totems that showed up last night, which is why I love teaching these meditations outside beneath the moon and stars. The connection to the earth and the universe really makes them special, and I can’t wait to move into a larger house that has grass and a pool, because I have so many new ideas for future meditations with a bigger, grassier space!

Here is the list of animal totems that showed themselves last night, and I am so grateful to all of them for teaching us what they want us to know. All of the beautiful insect totems have been showing up in abundance in my backyard, so pay attention to what these have to say, so that you know what they mean when they show up for you.

Rainbow Beetle

This is technically a dung beetle, and as far as I know, I am the only one who has seen one in Miami. I had never seen one before I began meditating, that day that it just showed up for me. Last night was funny because it particularly liked one girl, and she kept freaking out that it kept flying towards her. She had no idea that it means big, big changes are on their way. Dung beetles are EXTREMELY spiritual animals, and symbolize a call to follow your celestial path. I love this bug because in the daylight they are incredibly beautiful, rainbow iridescent, and the first time I saw one it went straight to my dog’s poop and pushed it into dirt and tried burying it. I love that it reappeared last night. It made me feel as though the entire meditation was being watched over, and that we were all gathered together at the right place, at the right time, and that everyone was there for something positive and supportive.


There were 2 fireflies last night. The first one appeared when I was teaching breathing exercises. Fireflies mean a lot to me because they are so abundant in Minnesota. Last night was only the second time I had ever seen a firefly in Miami, and it appeared right after the rainbow beetle flew off. A sense of profound peace and wonder washed over me as I saw the tiny glowing light blink into our space. I am of the mind that fairies and other elementals take the form of winged things when they want to make an appearance, and I know that is what visited us last night. Since doing my Fairyologist course Doreen Virtue posted a couple weeks ago, I have been following the beautiful things she has suggested to do, like tending to my garden better, leaving organic food offerings for the elementals, decorating the backyard with crystals and other beautiful things to invite them in, I have noticed more and more winged creatures like butterflies and dragonflies coming to visit. My entire backyard has become exponentially more magical and more fun.

The firefly totem was so appropriate for last night’s meditation, because it symbolized finding the light in the darkness, of epiphanies and sudden realizations. They illuminate what is hidden, which is parallel to the teachings of a new moon meditation, which is intended to bring to light what is hidden from the depths of our souls. Fireflies represent sparks of divine insight and new ideas, which is also the energy of a new moon meditation.


I am adding this even though they didn’t show up last night, they have been coming around a lot and I want to add it in because I know it will speak to many people reading this post. Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of transformation.   I just made my first butterfly mala with a monarch butterfly on it, which symbolizes the fleeting journey that is our lives, and we must take care to enjoy every moment of it. I found a monarch butterfly in my backyard not that long ago and it was a definite gift from the universe, and possibly a passed-on loved on (as the lore goes), and it passed away in my poinsettia plant. I keep it in a small clear box in my bedroom as a reminder of these things, and how I must not shy away from hard work, because that is where my transformation is. Much like how hard actual butterflies must work in order to break free from their cocoons.

Now that I think about it, there were butterflies present last night: it was while I was setting up my backyard while the sun was still out. Monarchs and black and yellow butterflies were all over in my backyard.


Dragonflies have been showing up like crazy for me lately. When I was a little kid, I used to believe that all fairies had wings like dragonflies. I used to argue with people who would say they could have butterfly wings. Apparently I was really stuck to the Tinkerbell image, and I now know that fairies can have either kind of wing!

Dragonflies have popped up recently for me, too. I used to not see them, and now they are everywhere for me. I don’t live too close to the canal by my house, so I took notice when they began showing up in my backyard where I teach all kinds of meditations: to my classes and personal clients alike. Late last night after my meditation ended, I just happened to get a text from my trainer telling me that his 5:30 am timeslot opened. We usually train at 5:30 am on Mondays, but I had to teach yoga to the rowing team at University of Miami (some of whom came to my meditation, and the girl the rainbow beetle liked was one of the rowers! She has amazing and magical things headed her way in her life) so had to reschedule. I decided to be tired for my session this morning, and I was so happy I did not only because he gave me a great workout, but also because when I was leaving there was a tiny, delicate dragonfly bracelet laying on the ground right next to the driver’s door of my car. I knew this wasn’t an accident. The bracelet was in perfect condition, and it perfectly lined up with all the nature signs that have been cropping up lately. I don’t normally wear the types of bracelets that can’t come off, but this time I made and exception, especially since it clearly was meant to be a gift to me. I love wearing it, and when I took my dog, Princess, for a walk this morning there was a dragonfly that literally flew parallel to us and matched our pace, as if it was walking/flying with us. To add even more to this story, I found a dragonfly not too far from where I found the butterfly, and it also has a similar clear case and is on display in my bedroom. I love looking at the iridescent wings and glittering green body. It makes me sad that it is dead, but it also makes me happy to know it lived a wonderful dragonfly life and came to rest with me to inspire me every day.

Dragonflies are said to represent two realms: air and water. Dragonflies are said to be passionate and emotional in their early years, which is the representation of water, and I feel like that was me when I was younger, especially when I was so emotional and passionate about track and field, and how devastated I was when I realized I had to quite due to injuries that wouldn’t leave me alone. In their mature years dragonflies demonstrate mental clarity and control, the element of air. This is probably pretty similar to the spiritual growth most people experience in their own lives, if they allow themselves to open up to it. Since dragonflies can hover in the air and have the control to fly in all directions, dragonflies also symbolize adaptability and represent the essence of the winds of change. Dragonflies are also special because their eyes give them the ability to see in 360 degrees around themselves, which represents the ability to see more than what is in front of you, and for you to see what it is in your life that serves you and what doesn’t. Dragonflies, like their butterfly and beetle counterparts, are symbols of change and divinity. Pay attention when they show up in your life, because their 360 vision could also mean life isn’t what it necessarily appears to be. Dragonflies are also a form that elementals may take in order to get our attention, too.

All of these things showed themselves in some way or another yesterday and this morning. One thing I have learned from all this work in my own personal meditations as well as in the group meditations that I teach is that it is so important to be open to receiving. This mean messages, gifts, inspiration, opportunities, and so on. It is so easy to ask for something, it can be hard for us to let something in. I know that I tend to be an over-giver, and have been told this over and over again by more than one person in my life. It has been powerful for me lately to focus on a small degree of selfishness, which isn’t actually a bad thing, in the sense of taking care of myself and putting myself first in many ways. This has allowed me to have greater impact on those around me because I have been happier: I have been exercising more frequently, drinking more water, taking time to myself more and enjoying quiet time alone, reading, writing, and making malas and bracelets that many people buy, and some I keep for myself. This new moon in Taurus speaks a lot about taking care of our physical bodies, too, and the importance of caring for ourselves in order to care for others. If we do not take care of ourselves, we overwork ourselves and feel run down, ineffective, uninspired, and maybe even get sick or the symptoms of being sick.

The lesson of this time of May is to really delve into the depths of yourself and ask yourself what it is your truly want in your life. What do YOU really want?

Start writing. Make a list. Exhaust that list, of ALL the things you could possibly want, from peace on earth to wealth to health and everything in between. Star the 2 things you want the most, and then look at the things you’re doing in your life. Write those down, too.

Compare those lists.

Adjust accordingly.

Add in a daily spiritual practice, one small thing in the morning and one small thing in the evening, and watch your life subtly transform, grow wings, and take off.

It’s one small step at a time, and the new moon in Taurus is as good of a time to start as any.


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