The Source of Knowledge

“Spirituality dawns when the intellect is silenced by loving devotion and reverential humility.” Kirpal Singh

This chapter landed in a very profound way for me. I had no idea there was a chapter in the yoga sutras that spoke to the divine intelligence that permeates all things, exactly what Wallace Wattles speaks of in his book, The Science of Getting Rich and what Rhonda Byrne speaks of in her book, The Secret.

The idea of an intelligence source of energy permeating all things was something I learned only about a year ago from my dear friend, Tracy. She told me about The Secret, and I used the techniques in that book to manifest all sorts of things since then.

I knew, however, there was something deeper to it, and she kept referencing Wallace Wattles’ book, so I got that book, too. That book, written in the early 1900’s, speaks very deeply to how connected we are to the cosmic universe and the consciousness that truly does exist everywhere at all times. This, so far, is the most beautiful chapter Nicolai Bachman has written in his book, The Path of the Yoga Sutras.

Bachman links isvara to purusa. He says beautifully that isvara and purusa are the same thing, just one is universal and the other is personal. They are both steady beings of consciousness existing in a chaotic world of activity. Only by slowing down and becoming still can we access either one of these sources of consciousness and intelligence.

It is incredible to me that the universe is aware of it’s own existence. I never thought that it was possible until the last couple months when my own meditation practices have been taking me deeper and deeper into experience. I have started teaching group meditations and teaching people to meditate one-on-one with the unicorn, fairy, animal, and mermaid malas I make for people. I make my malas out of crystals because I love that they are tiny gifts from the earth, and for myself and everyone who buys them it makes them more special, and I hope it makes my clients more likely to meditate with them because they make them feel beautiful.

Becoming aware of our own existence is what gives us access to becoming aware of the universal awareness. The universe, like us, just simply exists. The greatest thing we can do is be aware of our existence.

This chapter also speaks of the beginning of the universe. Bachman writes that many religions believe the universe began with either light or sound. “Om,” he writes, “is the genesis of creation, and it’s sound is not random.”

I recall from my first yoga teacher training that the basis of the Sanskrit language is very different from other languages. It is based on tonal vibrations instead of being driven from the need to describe or explain things. Sanskrit was created purely for the experience of the words and the sounds they make, and, ultimately, for the healing powers they manifest.

That is why I use the Sanskrit word “srim” (pronounced “shrim”) when I meditate. It means abundance and it calls upon the Hindu goddess of abundance, Lakshmi. To me, it feels like it is much more powerful than chanting the word “abundance” over and over again; English has made that such a cumbersome word! The clean precision of one single word, srim, really has powerful meaning, and I notice when I do not meditate twice per day. I recognize that meditating twice per day, saying srim 108 times as I use my handmade Magical Unicorn Mala, and sealing each practice with a chant of 3 om’s, really makes a tremendous difference in how I connect with my entire day and all the people I encounter within it. Bachman’s commentary on the universal sound of Om and his mention of vibrations and chants at all makes the work I do seem to have even more impact. It makes me feel that when I do teach clients and students how to breathe and chant, to tune in to their own rhythms in order to connect with universal rhythms, and when I play my soundbowls for groups, that I am truly making a difference for others. Service is the greatest form of love in existence.

Vibrational energy exists everywhere. It is what physicists and chemists say make up the entire planet and universe. Vibrational energy is something I have experienced first hand when I go to the sound bowl meditation at greenmonkey yoga, and when I play my own sound bowls for my yoga classes and group meditations. The sound bowl meditation held at greenmonkey by Jill Rapperport has healed my knee and is healing the calcification in my heart. The crystal sound bowl I have at home is a heart chakra bowl, and I play it for myself often. It’s vibration is unbelievable and goes right to my bones, and makes me feel really, really good while I’m playing it.

A couple months back, one of Einstein’s theories of gravity was “proven” (I use quotes because nothing in science is ever actually proven, it’s only supported by consistent data over time, but I wrote it as such because that’s the term the article used that I read about it in) by a prestigious university in Europe. Einstein had theorized that gravity came from when two giant black holes collided and sent ripples through the universe. Those ripples were waves of gravity. 100 years after Einstein published a paper regarding this theory, scientists using a mega-telescope finally witnessed this event in a distant galaxy.

The collision DID create ripples of gravity to spread across the universe.

You know what else happened?

The collision created the perfect musical note C.

So maybe all religions are right, that the universe began with both a sound and a flash of light. I’m not sure if the collision caused any lights to shine, the article didn’t mention anything like that, but there are a lot of things in space that float around and collide with one another, so this was probably just one of the events that happened to make life on earth what it is.

Belief in isvara means that we have belief in divine intelligence. Nicolai Bachman wrote that. I spent years believing I was an atheist, only to come to this part of my journey to realize that was just a journey I needed for self-empowerment, to believe in myself to make space to believe in something greater than myself. That is what isvara is about: believing there is something greater than you, something that exists in this universe that is conspiring to make your life happen for you, to make your thoughts manifest themselves for you.

Whatever we choose to believe about ourselves is true.

Whatever we choose to believe about life is true.

Whatever we choose to believe about others is true.

Whatever we choose to believe about this planet is true.

Whatever we choose to believe about the universe is true.

Our organism is literally magical in this sense, because we are absolutely a radio tower emitting signals to attract whatever it is we believe to be true in our lives.

Because our thoughts are how we communicate to this divine source of intelligent energy that permeates all things, and meditation is our way to receive. Prayer is our method of asking.

Doing good for ourselves and for the sake of the planet is doing in the honor and name of isvara, because we are all here together, we are all one, connected by the thread that is isvara, divine source intelligence.



I deeply respect the divine energy untouched by the ever-changing world around me.

I can connect to the pure inner light of knowledge by uttering the sacred sound of creation.

I will endeavor to make informed decisions and understand all points of view.


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