Yemanya: African Sea Goddess

Every morning and almost every evening I meditate with one of my 108 bead malas. Lately I have been meditating with my homemade crystal malas, my Magical Unicorn Mala collection, that was inspired to inspire the wearer and meditator to take life lightly and remember to have fun sparkle! Each piece I make is different, and each one is made of semi-precious stone. The more I learn about crystals and stones, I feel the more there is to learn!!

Like always, I started my meditation with pulling cards from my tarot and oracle card decks from Doreen Virtue. Honestly if it wasn’t for this amazing woman, I never, ever would have considered working with cards. I would have kept to my routine of just reading books. Truth be told, even though I am a total bookworm, they were becoming a bit uninspiring for me. Furthermore, I didn’t want to dedicate that much time to reading anymore when I have so much going on in my life: clients, classes to teach, two companies to run, cold brew coffee to brew. I love the inspiration that comes from reading, but I had to find something that was more efficient and fit into my life better.

Thankfully, one of my clients told me about Doreen Virtue. Curious, I found her on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her daily card pulls. Instantly I was so inspired and grateful to learn about tarot and oracle cards. Their mystery completely lifted, and Doreen made me realize that I never really got into them because I never felt a sense of trust with them; I figured they always predicted bad things, and since I have done so much work to create a positive, fruitful, and effective life for myself that was something I didn’t want to let into my life. Thankfully, Doreen came in and saved the tarot day! Her and Radleigh Valentine, one of her colleagues, created decks that are only positive, empowering, and encouraging. I now own six decks, and one of them is the Goddess Oracle deck I am going to talk about today.

Usually my routine is to do a three-card reading from my Angel or Fairy Tarot deck for the day. After that I do a single-card reading from my goddess deck, asking a general question like, “Which goddess is watching over me today?” or “What is my message for today?”

Today I did my reading differently. Since I have been working with stones so much lately, and stones that have been going to other people in the form of gifts, work trades, and purchases, my reading on these stones have revealed that each stone has it’s own goddess. Today I asked my deck, “Which stone should I meditate with today?”

The card I pulled was Yemanya, the African and Brazilian goddess of the sea.

I was so relieved to get this card because there is a lot happening for my companies lately: a lot of growth which can mean some uncertainty. I have always been very confident about my decisions about my companies: I trust myself and if a decision I made turns out not to be a great one, I know that that is just a learning experience. This card reads: “Golden Opportunity. Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

I love the action-packed sense of this card. And, of course, I adore the mermaid image on it as well. Myself and some of my closest friends at greenmonkey yoga are all big time mermaid fans, all of us obviously fans of The Little Mermaid and Splash, so of course this card automatically strikes a cord with me.

In researching this African sea goddess, I learn that her associated stones are turquoise, coral and shell.

I realize I have none of those in my crystal collection. (I actually just realized I have a fossilized ammonite shell…but it’s ok I figured out my crystal meditation! Read on!!)

I thought of my red carnelian mala I had purchased for myself a year ago: that has a turquoise guru bead. Close, but not really what I wanted. I meditate with red carnelian yesterday, and I am in the space to alternate days with cooling beaded malas and warming beaded malas. Today I was meditating with my homemade malachite mala, so I had to come up with something else.

Turquoise was one of my favorite stones as a kid. In fact, I loved it so much I have kind of rejected it lately because I consider it to be “that old stone”. In a book I read not that long ago, it even said that turquoise was diminishing in its power because other stones are rising up in it’s place of power, stones, ironically, like malachite.

But something told me I had to meditate with turquoise. I have a turquoise bracelet my boyfriend gave to me three years ago for Christmas, but that didn’t seem to fit right, either. I am pretty sure that turquoise is actually fake.

I thought some more.

Then it hit me.

I had found boxes of semi precious carved beads at the craft store the last time I went to purchase beads for orders. One box had turquoise beads, some in the shape of beautiful hearts, and another box had character beads: some in the shape of dolphins and whales.

I ran to my bead box and got a heart bead and a blue whale bead.

I was ready to meditate.

The reading on this goddess said that she is a perfect goddess to send wishes to. Since there is a lot of conversation around the health and condition of the oceans these days, I made wishes for the oceans as well as wishes for myself. It seems that every time I meditate on the oceans getting cleaner and healthier, I tend to see a news article on the news itself, on Facebook, Instagram, or some other media outlet, of a single person or group of people doing something to help make the oceans a healthier and better place. And I don’t mean a reread of a previous article: I mean either a continuation of an old story that has progressed (the teenage kid who came up with the machine to clean the ocean of plastic! That’s actually happening!!) or a new, inspiring story I haven’t heard yet (Al found a video of people saving a beached shark in Australia yesterday).

I am curious to see what comes up throughout the day today. I have already made the conscious decision to keep as little plastic as possible in my home. No more plastic shopping bags. Literally the only plastic bags I have right now are the ones I used to pick up after my dogs when I walk them, and those only because I do not know of a greener alternative yet. When Al and I take the dogs to the dog beach, we always bring rakes and garbage bags with us and clean up the beach. For some reason unbeknownst to me, the city of Miami (or Virginia Key?? Not sure who it would be) chooses to not clean up that beach. It is constantly littered with bottle and plastic bags and plasticware from people’s picnics. We don’t complain about it, we just do something about it.

I loved getting this card because it really ties in my personal goals and my wishes for the planet in one card. The guidebook said that traditionally you would make a wish on a little boat, probably made of paper or something like it, while at the beach. Send the boat into the waves, and if the boat sinks or goes out to sea, Yemanya has granted your wish. If the boat floats back to the beach, Yemanya has denied the wish.

Since I don’t have access to the beach today, I hope that how I made my wishes is good enough for the African sea goddess of confidence, grace, and bold action. The only answer I will have from her will not be in the immediate sense: I just need to wait and see when and if they turn up throughout the day.

My instinct tells me that I will.

And something tells me that it is time to make mermaid malas, as well.



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