Purusa: Pure Inner Light of Awareness

Weapons cannot cut this, fire cannot burn this, water cannot wet this, nor can wind make it dry.

Bhagavad Gita


Our purusa is the inner light that exists within us all that never changes. It is the steady light at the center of our being that shines because we are alive and vital. The only thing that affects the intensity of its brightness is the condition of the citta, te heart-mind lens, that is conditioned, cleaned and polished through meditation and yoga.

It is our purusa that connects us to everyone else on this planet. Those who experience disconnection just have unclean cittas, and that’s ok. All cittas are able to be cleaned and are clean-able, it just requires the time and action it takes to make it so.

The third sutra in to this book by Nicolai Bachman, The Path of the Yoga Sutras, this one lands for me because I experienced this inner light going out through the death of my dear pet over four years ago.

Bagheera was my first personal pet ever. He had come to me at just the right moment: I was finally moving out of a place with roommates into a place of my very own with a landlord who loved animals. I was overjoyed when I found him as a kitten abandoned on the side of the road. He was a toyger kitten, and an absolute joy. His personality was just like a dog’s: he came when he was called, he played fetch, he knew words. He was even best friends with my boyfriend’s dogs, and they played with each other so hard every day over the weekends I brought Bagheera to my boyfriend’s house, when we would go back to my house he would sleep and snore the entire first day.

Bagheera and I had a very special pet-human connection. We knew what the other was thinking and feeling at any moment, he would get jealous when my boyfriend would call me on the phone and would get up and push the phone away from my ear and press his nose into my face. He never wanted me to leave for work and would bat his paws at my legs and try to play to get me to stay with him longer. I started to refer to him as “my little light” because he was light in all shapes and forms: light in his spirit, and he had the most shining and glittering light in his eyes, the light that reflected from the depths of his soul.

Bagheera died before he turned two. He was struck by a car late at night without us knowing, and we found him the next morning. The see his lifeless body in the middle of the road crushed my soul. My absolute best friend in the world was gone in an instant. Even four years later, it is still difficult to think about.

I recall the first thing I thought when I found him: “His light went out.”

I suppose it’s not much different than the Tinkerbell light in Peter Pan, the light that exists within us while we are alive. It is so important that as light beings we do some work every day, even if it’s just a tiny bit, to clear out our citta to allow this light to shine through as brightly as possible.

Meditate. Do breathing exercises. Go for a nature walk. Take your dogs for a walk. Pet your cat. Tell your pets and people how grateful you are to have them in your life. Journal. Take a salt bath. Light incense. Get a massage. Do whatever it is you need to do to get centered so you can show up powerfully for those who matter most in your life: your loved ones.


There is an unchanging, pure awareness that illuminates my consciousness.

I can catch glimpses of this inner light by quieting my heart-mind and focusing inward.

I will practice yoga to clarify my heart-mind and allow the light of awareness to shine through.


Meditate on the part of you that never changes.


How does the belief in a divine entity help people cope with the ups and downs of life?

It helps to know that we are being guided. It is a form of acknowledgement to know and believe something greater than ourselves gives us all purpose and meaning. We are both spiritual and tangible beings, so it is easy for us as humans to get engrossed in only the material aspect of our lives. The light that shines within us all is the same light that we all came from that permeates the universe. We are all light. We are all angelic beings. We are all here for one another. We are all here to learn a lesson, and it was a lesson we agreed to learn before coming to this planet. We knew when we agreed that the lesson would not be easy, but it would be worth it in the end, because it would change the world. We don’t remember this agreement before coming here, because we were not meant to, it would spoil the lesson.

We are entering the age of wisdom, the age of intuition and guidance. It is from this space that we all will grow and move forward together and see the progress of our world.



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