“Dream” Energy

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and it can’t be more special than ever.

Honoring MLK day is not just an ode to the great man and civil rights activist, honoring this day is a day to honor all that is possible within ourselves. MLK was a flawless and shining example of what it means to not only be inspired, but to act upon our inspiration.

Inspiration exists to initiate action, and it’s only those who chose to choose to listen to their inner voice and act on it when it comes up that changes this world.

This is what MLK reminds us of with his enduring legacy.

Today I am present to the dream energy that exists in this world. I love what Simon Sinek said about MLK in his TED talk: “Martin Luther King didn’t give the ‘I have a plan speech.’ He gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech.”

When I heard this, it was a profound and positive blow to my psyche. When I heard this, I hadn’t realized how far I had deviated from listening to my heart and following my dreams: I had landed in plan-ville and trying to accomplish things by thinking them through too much and being motivated from the heaviness of my head instead of through the lightness of my heart.

We as humans act out and live out our greatest power when we are choosing our lives from the space of our passions. By powerfully choosing lives that are inspirational and of service to others, just like MLK did back in the 1960’s, we inspire others to do the same. No matter what, we have an impact on those around us because we exist. The power of being human is that we can choose what kind of impact we have on others, either positive or negative, empowering or deflating.

There is a specific energy to a dream, and MLK’s speech in Washington, DC in the middle of the last century reflected the power of dreams. As powerful manifestors, we human beings can truly make whatever is in our minds come true, which is why we must be so diligent about paying attention to the charge of our thoughts, because thoughts become words, and words become actions.

What was so beautiful about MLK’s famous speech that day in our nation’s capital was that he was speaking of our ways of being with one another, his speech was about equality that exists among us all, because we are all connected, we are all one. The more we live to serve one another, the more we raise our spiritual vibrations to help one another live positive, effective, healthy, successful, and vibrant lives. We are all made of the same things, we all have the same spirit energy that flows through us.

We all are capable of creating what MLK created, because we are all made of the same love and positive energy as he was.

As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

Today, get curious about how you can create a difference for someone today. It can as simple as a smile and hello, or it can be something bigger. Pay attention to what your heart calls for you to do, because the decisions you make from your heart are the ones that are going to change your life and this planet’s the most.

If you are holding on to a dream, get curious about why you are only holding on to it, and not acting on it. The beauty of dreams is that they beget goals, and goals get done. Cherish your dreams, give them attention, BELIEVE in your dreams, and give them life and feed them action to help them manifest!

You are the only person responsible for your life, for creating your life, and your amazing life includes the lives of other amazing people in this world. Become present to that. We cannot exist alone. You are not alone. No man is an island. Reach out and take someone’s hand next to you and get curious about what you can do selflessly for your neighbor, and friend, and family member, a stranger.

Today I pulled the best card from my Healing with the Fairies deck from Doreen Virtue. It was the Inner Power card, which it my image for today’s post. What I love about pulling a card from this deck once a day is that it is highly empowering, and no other card more empowering than today’s, which perfectly reflects the dream energy for the day.

Doreen writes an affirmation with this card: “It is safe for me to be powerful!”

Truly, there is no one more powerful than you. When you believe in yourself, the world rises up right along with you and does the same. You are supported in all that you wish to create from your personal life, to your immediate community, to this entire planet. Whatever it is you believe to be true or possible, will absolutely come to be.

So, if you need to create a gathering to write an amazing speech about what your dream is for mankind, do it.

If you need to paint it, sing it, write it, travel about it, build something, create something, go and do those things.

Life never ever waits for you. The things you most desire about your life are coming to be every single day, you just need to be present for them and talk about them and believe that they will come to pass.

Take a ride on today’s dream energy. Be thankful for the example Martin Luther Kind, Jr. held for us all when he gave his enormously famous speech that August day five decades ago. In fact, go ahead and seek it out on YouTube and play it for yourself, and maybe for a group of people.

The energy of inspired dreams is infectious. See what it is you create when you expose yourself to the energy of one of the most inspired and inspirational men in history.


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