Happy 111 Day!

111 is one of my favorite numbers. I have always been drawn to it and 1111 mostly because of it’s visual aesthetics. Since I have started learning more about angels and the spirit and elemental world lately, I have come to learn there is a lot of meaning and power behind this triple number.

I learned quite recently the value and power of the repeating number 1 in triples or quadruples. Doreen Virtue says that a repeating number one shows up when the angels want you to be aware of your thoughts at that moment, that everything you are thinking right now WILL manifest, and it will manifest QUICKLY.

Seeing repeated 1’s is a reminder to keep thoughts positive and grateful. Everything you are grateful for, you will get more of, and where your focus goes, your energy flows. 111 and 1111 are powerful reminders that can happen daily to remind you to get back on your path of clear and focused positivity, and there is no better day than today to be reminded of this form sunrise to senset.

The power of 111 was first brought to my awareness about five months ago when I was upset at my boyfriend. I don’t remember what he had done to upset me, we might have had a small argument or something silly, but I recall my mind tapereeling into all the things that were bad, annoying, and frustrating about him. My brain was caught in the trap of a continuous loop of labeling him all these bad and horrible things, and the more I thought them, the darker I began to feel inside. I wanted to stop it, but I didn’t know how.

As I was filling up my car with gas, the pump stopped abruptly.

The price on display screen read: $11.11.

I had literally just learned about what repeating ones bringing attention to your thoughts. I realized what I was doing to myself and my relationship by thinking such negative things about the man I love, so I sent a quick mental “thank you” and let go of all the negative things I had been thinking about my boyfriend. I went straight home and apologized to him for the drama I had brought into our relationship.

111 for me means just that. All day today pay attention to the things you are thinking about yourself and about others. Pay attention to the charge you are attaching to your thoughts, and notice how they make you feel.

111 exists to remind us to stay positive especially in our heads, and is a call to action if, when we stop and notice our thoughts and they are negative, to make a swift shift to positive.

If the negative thoughts persist even after you have powerfully notice that they are there taking up space, there are so many great things you can do to actively change them.

First, you can write down ten things you are grateful for it your life. Have ten different categories: family, personal, contribution, financial, fun, fitness, health, something that exists in your immediate present (an object), something someone said to you or did for you, something related to the earth. Write our the words “I am grateful for…” and then complete the sentence for each category. Not only will your thoughts instantly change, but the chemistry in your brain and body will change, too. Our thoughts have a lot of power over the health of our entire being! Your breathing will even out and your blood will get more oxygenated, resulting in a lower, less acidic, pH level. Alkalinity is the pH that supports life and growth.

Another easy thing you can do is be nice to someone. Buy someone a coffee or tea at the coffee shop, send an empowering or grateful email to someone who know, and especially to someone you know who might be having a hard time. Let them know you are thinking of them. Send someone a beautiful card or post a beautiful photograph you took to social media, or share someone’s art on social media who is a budding artist and help them gain more reach. You can read a book, listen to uplifting music, paint a picture, or color in a coloring book. Even going for a walk outside and catching fresh air is enough to uplift your soul and shift your thoughts from negative to positive. Spending time with animals is great, too. I love petting my dogs or cat when I’m feeling down and need a pick-me-up, and my parents taught me since I was a kid that watching fish float in a fish tank is extremely therapeutic, too. In fact, watching fish swim is very much like meditating. Focus entirely on their movements, color, and body forms and be sucked in to their underwater world.

Today, take time to cultivate powerful and positive thoughts. Everything you are thinking is absolutely what you are manifesting in your life.

1/11 day is here to remind you to se your course on a course of positive outlook. Today is the day to set up 2016 to be your best year ever!


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