Since childhood, I have been very connected to and drawn to flowers. Obviously I was drawn to their beautiful colors and varying shapes and forms, and my obsession with fairy tales as a kid brought me even close to their majesty.

I drew away from my love of flowers for many, many years, and I am just recently getting back into them again. Al bought me some beautiful potted pointsettia plants for Christmas that I cannot wait to plant in my backyard. That’s one of the perks of living in Miami over the holidays: I actually get to plant my pointsettias and enjoy them year round!

One thing that has become present to me that is a truth about flowers is this: they are all obviously beautiful, and bring simple, wonderful joy to every day life, and they all share one thing: they have to grow through dirt in order to get where they are for us to enjoy their splendor.

One flower that keeps showing up for me is the lotus flower. My little sister, Kelsey, asked for a beautiful lotus flower necklace for Christmas this year, which surprised me because it seemed very ”yoga” for my dancer sister.   Of course, I didn’t hesitate to get it for her. I trained a lovely woman named Lotus for a couple months, and she is single-handedly responsible for me getting into Doreen Virtue’s work and reconnecting with my spiritual side I had abandoned since I was about ten years old. My client Lotus showed me her fairy garden, situated amongst her flowers, inspiring me to begin my own, and taught me about her angel one, as well. I am forever grateful for the amazing lessons I learned while training her. I am no flower expert, and definitely not an expert on the actual lotus flower itself, but I have read that the environment a lotus flower loves is the muddy waters of swamps and ponds.

And the lotus flower is one of the most iconic flower images on the planet.

What this represents for us all is that we must have faith in the fact that we can, will, and are blooming. We are similar to flowers in this respect in that we have cycles where we bloom and then die off for a bit to rest, only to regenerate to bloom again later. Our cycles are delicate things, and they are things we need to respect and nurture, otherwise we will wear ourselves out.

Flowers imitate life in that we, too, must grow through dirt, darkness, and mud in order to get where we are going, and in order to reach our fullest self-expression. The road that is most worth it for us and for our souls is most likely the one that looks the toughest and most challenging.

I say, go through all the mud you need to. Not too much, although sometimes it may seem like too much. And not too little, even though sometimes you may feel like you aren’t doing enough.

These feelings are normal, they are human, and just like flowers, remember that blooming cannot be rushed, and it also cannot be slowed down. Blooming happens at the pace it happens, and being untrue to that pace is only going to slow you down.

There was a great made-up word I heard the other day: “CHOPPORTUNITY”. I will probably address this word alone in it’s own post later, but I wish to address it now because it ties in with growing through mud.

Chopportunity means challenging opportunity. Grow through your mud in order to GROW. Give yourself the challenges you need just to see what you are capable of.

That thing that is a dream and a wish?

Write it down and attach a deadline to it.

If you don’t make the deadline, shrug it off, and pick a new one. Revisit your methods from before, see what you need to change to be successful, and see what happens when you try a little differently, and try a little harder.

For most of us, that right there is our deepest, muckiest mud. Trying harder, and trying differently. Changing our ways and changing our viewpoints is the hardest work on this planet, but it can be done.

If one of the world’s most beautiful flowers can grow through mud to become the symbol of meditation and yoga, we, too can grow to become whatever it is we need and want to become in life, because you are meant to go through mud to achieve beauty and greatness.

And becoming all you want to become in this life is what you are meant to do, and it is the example you are meant to be for other people.

Flowers do not bloom to compete with the flower next to them.

They just bloom.


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