International Cheetah Day

Last Friday was the day we officially launched our coffee line, Cheetah Grounds, and it didn’t escape me that it was International Cheetah Day.

The depth of gratitude I have for the people involved in this caffeinated venture runs very, very deep. There are two things in this world I am really passionate about: fitness and eating well. Both Red Cheetah Yoga and Cheetah Grounds fulfill these passions.


Al and I, the owners of RCY and Cheetah Grounds, set up a table at the huge Miami art event, Art Basel, with our logo designers, Carlos Perez and Jo Braga. Special thanks goes out to Shley from Green Monkey Yoga for making this event happen.  We were set up in the heart of Wynwood at MADE at the Citadel.

Seeing other entrepreneurs setting up their tables and selling their products, and being in the midst of hugely talented musicians and artists was a great experience.  So many people from so many different walks of life and so many diverse talents coming together under one roof was extremely inspiring. Food, art, and music is the pulse of any community, and Miami’s is definitely a very special one.

What gives me a tremendous sense of pride and gratitude is the fact that we, as humans, have the ability to make manifest exactly what comes up in our minds.  I initially envisioned Cheetah Grounds as being a great local cold brew, superfood coffee. My team’s vision was different: they saw something bigger.  This positive and affirming vision from outside of me was a proverbial bandwagon I was happy-and at first a bit hesitant-to jump on to.   Their vision solidified for me in three separate stages: 1. when I tasted Cheetah Grounds the first time, 2. saw the logo the first time, and 3. saw the reaction on customer’s faces when they tasted it the first time.  Creating something you believe in and then sharing it with others is what we as humans are meant to be doing.  Action in any form is how we are meant to live.

The very fact that this coffee now exists in my storage fridge at home in great quantities (not vast quantities…yet) is something I cannot believe has happened. Like Jo said to me one day last week, “It’s amazing that what we have in brains we can create in reality.”

She is so right.

The actual cheetah animals inspire me, which is why it made it into the logo and name of both companies. What inspires me about cheetahs, and the fact that we coincidentally launched on International Cheetah Day, is the malleability of their beings.  Simultaneously, they are elegant and fierce, laid back and ballistic. They are calm and intensely focused.  It is their ability to rest and nap in the shade and get up and go when they need to at a moment’s notice that is truly the spirit I love to channel from these majestic animals.  Rest when you need, work when you must, and do these things in a balanced way that supports the life you envision for yourself.

The characteristics they exhibit that inspire me the most are their intense focus are their consistency in their hunts. Any human being who has known any kind of success anywhere knows that consistency and focus are the two things that must happen for achievement to occur.

I am a self-professed cheetah-nerd (NOT expert!) and, even before I owned two companies African-big-cat themed, I read about them and watched documentaries on them whenever I could.  Their fluidity and speed fascinated me.  Cheetahs are one of the most successful hunters on the African plains, and watching them hunt and sprint sends tingles to the depths of my soul.  Their intense stare while they are stalking and sprinting and hunting reminds me of the energy it takes to set goals, stick to the path, achieve them, and sometimes miss them, only to get up and go again.  I first learned about focal points in high school from my sprint coaches: stare into the single point of my goal, the center of my lane, 10 feet beyond the finish line.  I then learned about them in the weightroom, lifting heavier when I focused on one point in front of me.  Focal points were then intensified through my yoga practice with drishti (Sanskrit for single-pointed focus). Nothing on this planet is more helpful for getting things done with more swiftness and ease than being focused on a single point or action. A focal point in and of itself is an action, a non-moving action that creates a lot of momentum in your life.

Life is not a sprint, despite the imagery of our companies, but life does have the passionate spirit and drive of a sprinter. Everything we create for our Cheetah Family is something that is designed with care and heart, from coffee to our publications to our yoga classes, to help the Cheetah Generation (YOU) achieve the greatest version of yourself by honing in your ability to focus and prioritize on what is right for you not only right now, but also in your future. The present moment and your future are both very important aspects of your life. Where it is true that the only time your life happens is right now, it’s powerful to recognize that the decisions you are making now will affect your future.  We have a lot of power to choose our futures based on the consistent decisions we make. Every moment of our lives is a decision, so we might as well make great ones.

International Cheetah Day also spoke to me about the necessity of treating our environment well. This ties in to our coffee because it is 100% organic and fair trade.  I wrote a blog post last week about the trend I have been noticing about everyone jumping on the save-the-environment bandwagon (best bandwagon EVER!!) and our coffee is definitely a part of that.  Cheetah Grounds is not only healthy, it intensifies laser cheetah-like focus, and runs our physical machines really clean, but we make an effort to make sure it is also environment-friendly as much as we possibly can.  We spend the extra money to bottle it in glass instead of plastic.  Being a Florida-based company, we are sensitive to the precious fragility of our oceans and the impact of plastic on their health.  Cheetahs are part of the endangered species of this planet, and the tree logo is enough to inspire our consumers to want to recycle more, hug a tree, and be driven to help change this earth through the smallest and easiest of choices: eating organically and recycling.

Cheetahs teach us to live a focused life. The greatest joy in life is freedom, and focused discipline is the ultimate ticket to freedom. Discipline in exercise and eating well is freedom from disease and injury. Discipline in your work is freedom from financial instability and freedom from a stagnant mind. Discipline in diet is freedom from mood swings and clogged energy and ill-health. Discipline in recycling and purchasing local, organic and fair-trade items will do its part to help heal the planet of the choices of the generations behind us.  Discipline in living the moment right now because it’s all we’ve got is freedom from depression, worry, and anxiety.  Focus on the great things in your life that move you forward, that make you excited and happy and actively do those things every day.  Live a balanced life that involves not only taking care of you, but also doing your part to take care of this planet, because the planet is part of you.

Like the cheetah, take naps under the shade of the Africa trees when you need, and get up and get your work in when the time presses and calls on you.  Only action is going to make you feel great; the happiest people on this planet live lives of action.

Choose to live the cheetah life. Choose to evolve with the times, and evolve as your soul evolves. You will be happier. Every day is a personal International Cheetah Day if you are willing to follow the calling of your soul, and stay true to your focus and vision.  You can drastically change the world when you tune in to how much you have to offer.




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