Time To Decide

Swift decision making is one of the most empowering forces available to us all.

The time to make up your mind about what you want is NOW.

Making decisions is the only force on the planet that keeps us moving forward. Decision-making is the stuff of ACTION.

Choose to live life as if you have all the time in the world, but the time to make your dream life occur is this moment.

Here are the things I have done in the past couple months that I truly believe have helped me catapult my life forward, and also helped me get a life outside of my career:

  1. I started re-learning French on my Duolingo app.
  2. I started reading more books: spiritual, financial, business, fiction, TIME magazine articles, everything. I replaced watching TV with reading, and now I can’t stand any TV unless it’s a 30 minute comedy; I get too antsy and impatient.
  3. I started meditating twice a day. Even if I miss one, I at least have meditated once per day.
  4. I started making my bed EVERY morning.
  5. I wash my dishes as soon as I dirty them (most of the time!).
  6. I started writing this blog on an almost daily basis.
  7. I started journaling daily.
  8. I started pulling daily empowering oracle cards to get positive messages at the start of my day.
  9. I take a salt bath at least once a week, with incense and candles burning, and Antonio Vivaldi Pandora station blasting.
  10. I started learning Spanish on my Duolingo app on my tablet.
  11. I spend more time outside: the beach, writing in my backyard, etc.
  12. I workout at the gym more often.
  13. I go to the yoga studio more often.
  14. I started making malas necklaces.
  15. I do a deep conditioning treatment to my hair once a week.
  16. I do a deep masque on my face once a week.
  17. I listen to others more.
  18. I hang out with my friends more often.
  19. I eat a lot cleaner, thanks to the support of my boyfriend.
  20. I find myself laughing more often, taking fewer naps, and working together with my boyfriend more.

This list may seem like obvious things that many of us do, and it may seem like just a list of things I have done today, but it is actually a very important list because these are ALL things I had gotten away from doing. I had chosen to be lazy, not read any books, watch too much TV that didn’t serve my higher purpose. I wasn’t making my bed, I wasn’t taking care of my hair and skin, and I wasn’t being true to what I knew my body needed from my diet.

I kept thinking about picking up French again and daydreaming about starting Spanish.

I kept rolling around in my brain whether or not I should pursue the idea of the malas I have, and I consistently chose to stay at home and be a home-body instead of going out with my friends and meeting new people.

Many times I found myself choosing to workout at home instead of at CrossFit Soul or Green monkey, for no reason other than the desire to be at home more.

Being at home more is and can be a great choice, but I realized that I was overdoing it. I felt disconnected from the world: my immediate world, and I realized I was missing out on the every day simple things that makes life so rich: connecting with other people.

So, one day, I just decided to make it all happen.

And the most magical thing about these twenty or so things I have committed to daily is this: I have gotten WAY more done beyond just these mundane, daily things. My life is way more intentional now, and both myself and my boyfriend have been getting more done.

I finished my first book and am about to publish it; Al and I started redoing our ENTIRE house, starting with a long-overdue exterior paint job; I started the outline for my second book today; me and our RCY photographer, Pauline Hevia, just finished the first poster in a special line of products we are working on for the yoga company.

See, these little tiny things that fill in the spaces of the day lead up to these big things. It’s easy to think of not making your bed and choosing to watch TV instead of reading as things that are no big deal, but in actuality they are a big deal.

Because anything you do is everything you do.

The smallest decision you make is equal to the biggest decision you make.

And if you start to take the time to take care of the littlest details about your body- hair, skin, nails, exercise, nutrition-then everything else falls into place because you just feel good about yourself.

One of my coaches in high school used to say if you look good and smell good you will also FEEL good. And, truly, this is what life is aiming at, and it all boils down to the little choices you make.

It’s funny how one little commitment leaks into the other nineteen of these little things I do daily. It all started with a commitment to meditate once a day, which grew into two per day, which grew into journaling, oracle card reading, reading books, writing books, and adding in a more expanded social life. Also, the people involved in my social life changed, too as I began to systematically select who I wanted to have around that served my higher purpose as a businesswoman and a human being: the negative-minded ones definitely got booted out. It’s amazing how quickly the positive ones with vision step right up to fill in those gaps! I have to say that making those little decisions for myself definitely opened doors for me to meet some new, amazing, and inspirational people in the last couple months.

Decisions are like thoughts: the current one creates the next, and the next one is going to be more complex than the last. That’s just how our brains work. That can really work for you or against you, depending if your habit is positive or negative, of course.

Decisions, whether you want them to be or not, are consistent. Decisions in and of themselves are habits. We have so much power to choose our habits, to habitually choose positive thinking and fill our blank spaces throughout our days with activities that will move us and the human race forward, we are truly powerful beyond measure.

So, look at your schedule throughout the day, and then look at the things you WANT to do with your day.

If those two things don’t line up with one another, are you making powerful decisions for yourself, for your own soul? If you are not doing the things you want to do with your life, are you fully serving humanity to your greatest potential?

Get curious about how you spend your day. Your time is so valuable, because you are so worth it.

Get out there and make your life happen, change the course of your life by making new, daring decisions.

Dare to decide, dare to decide to change and change the patterns of your life.

You will only have yourself to thank for it later.


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