Tastes Change

Sorry I have been away form writing the last couple days. My boyfriend and I have been doing major work to our home (painting, renovating the outside, preparing the renovate the inside) and I dedicated my time to that the last couple of days. And it has given me some great insights on what to write for this post.

We have been meaning to repaint our house for over a year. I have wanted a red front door forever, and Al gifted me that over a year ago. He painted the garage door to match, as well as the mail box.

I love it, except that our house is a mud brown.

Red and brown?

Not exactly the greatest paint job on the block.

I am so grateful we waited over a year to select our colors. Originally we were going to do a pale yellow with white trim, but the more we looked at the yellow, the less we could agree on the shade. Did you know there are A LOT of shades of yellow?? I had no idea!

One day while walking our dogs, we arrived on a nice shade of grey that we saw on another home. It did not have a red door like our house, but we both decided that a silver-grey home with white trim would make our red cheery doors pop nicely.

I sent Al to Home Depot last week to choose the shades of grey. He did not disappoint.

Last Saturday was our big clean-up day. He pressure cleaned the entire house including the stone floors outside. I took it upon myself to clean up out back porch. Together we threw away much more than one trash can full of waste, and we have to call in the city to pick up the large pieces of trash to haul away.

I took down all the 60+ license plates we had on our ceiling in the porch, a la 1980’s Key West, and we systematically started to choose the things we were keeping and the things we were chucking. The chuck pile thankfully was much larger than the keep pile.

Al and I both got rid of things that we used to be very attached to, and we both realized didn’t serve us anymore. I got rid of a weird art piece a client gave me (it was literally just the torso and upper limbs of a reclined woman; I think I thought it was “sexy” and artistic. It really was just weird.) and Al gave up the huge bar we used to have. It was a great piece, even though it took up a lot of space in our small space in the back. It literally fell to pieces as he tried moving it. Since we are drastically painting the house an entirely new color, I suggested he paint it a new color to match the new décor. I was actually relieved when I saw the pieces in the pile in front of the house. We both have fallen in love with clearing out the old to make space for the new!

So with my training for the figure competition coming up in 2016, we have both been craving our old restaurant haunt: the Mellow Mushroom.

Arguably some of the best pizza either one of us have ever had, we decided to give ourselves this cheat meal after busting our asses all day Saturday.

We were so excited to get to the pizza place. We were good and didn’t order our usual beers; we just got waters, and no appetizers. Pizza only. His half the Mighty Meaty, and my half Holy Shiitake with sausage added.

When that pizza came, we couldn’t load our plates fast enough with our slices. I sprinkled red pepper flakes on mine, Al parmesan on his.

Such perfection.

We opened our mouths to receive our first bites in over a month, expectation bridled on our tastebuds.




The pizza tasted different.

I know it wasn’t the restaurant. They are still the same great Mellow Mushroom they have always been.

It was us who changed!

I completely forgot about this phenomenon that happens with taste buds. Like anything and everything else in our physical bodies, everything changes in respect to what we consistently DO. And this doing includes the things we choose to put in our mouths.

Al and I have been eating so clean for so long: not a single carbohydrate or sugar or processed food, that the crust and pizza sauce actually left a lot to be desired for us. The pizza was no longer satisfying!

It was truly heartbreaking, since we used to get pizza at least once per week.

It’s amazing to me how when you choose to cut out things that don’t fit in your life anymore, a whole parade of things follows right behind it. To me it is no true surprise that as we cut out our bad food and bad habits (we don’t go out as often anymore, and when we do we nap beforehand and make sure to hang out with our closest friends who move us forward!) other things get cut out and changed, too.

It’s no coincidence that as our nutrition and fitness improved, so is our home.

Anything you do, is everything you do.

I am not sure who first said this, but it is so true. The tiniest action of your day equals the biggest action of your life. How quickly you begin it, how consistently you work at it, how dedicated you are to it’s integrity in execution all speaks to who you are as a person RIGHT NOW.

The powerful thing is, if you don’t like how things are going in your life: how your eating makes you look and feel, perhaps a lack of activity getting you down, overworking is creeping into your life in a non-powerful way, maybe even how your living space is decorated, we have the power to change that all. Even a couple trips to Goodwill and the dumpster are enough to get the wheels turning in your life dedicated to positive change.

Never underestimate the power of getting rid of the old crap: the crap hanging around in your home, your fridge, and your heart.

It’s all related.


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