Vairagya: Detach, Detach, Detach!

I love switching up routines.

As the founder and CEO of CrossFit says, routine is the enemy, and that’s a principle I apply to a lot of things in my life, including meditation.

I love getting the opportunity to try new types of meditation, and last night was my second time going to the sound bowl meditation at Green Monkey. It amazes me how the meditation Jill Rapperport leads is always dead on in the messages she delivers.

Last night she had us draw a tiny card that contained a single word. My word was “Detachment”. This word really resonated with me, because I just started using oracle cards from Doreen Virtue’s line, and the firs time I used the Fairy Oracle deck it said something to this effect. I thought I had been doing really good at giving up attachments to things lately: cleaning out my bedside drawer earlier this week, throwing small things out around my house, etc, so I took that initial card reading from the fairy deck as being a “muddy” message. I cleared the deck again like how Doreen teaches in the accompanying book, and the next card I drew I remember I felt like it resonated with me a little more. I don’t remember what the new card was about, but I do remember what the original one was!

Clearly I do need to look at my practice of detachment a bit more. It took two separate card pulls on two separate days for me to get the message, but I got it. Finally.

There are a lot of changes happening in my and Al’s life. We are working on expanding both Cheetah businesses in fun and unique ways, and we are completely redoing our home. Today we begin painting our home, and I can’t wait for the new, happy energy it’s going to bring to our house. Good bye, nasty muddy-brown, hello silver-gray, white, and red doors!! I can’t wait to breathe new life into this little place we call home.

I know all of this is a practice of giving up attachments to things. Like I mentioned in my earlier post about my mother’s hoarding and the treasures in the form of photos from my past surfacing (which, by the way, I got a beautiful new peacock photo album for! Now every photo has a home.), giving things up clears space for not just your physical space, but for your emotional and spiritual space, too.

Vairagya is the Sanskrit word for “nonattachment to sensory objects.” In Nicholai Bachman’s Path of the Yoga Sutras he writes:


Vairagya is characterized by an indifference to objects and a detachment from them. When an object is perceived, it can produce an attraction, which can lead to an attachment. Over time the attachment may grow into a craving, and not experiencing the object again will upset us. If we are unaffected by the presence or absence of something, then vairagya is happening. For example, if you climbed to the top of the corporate ladder and became attached to the power, control, and money that came with it. Then the company was bought out, and you lost your position, If you has become attached to the image of yourself as powerful, you might feel lost at sea without a job. But if you were able to do your job without attaching your identity with it, you will experience this change without anxiety or fear.


As “good” as I thought I was about my ability to detach, clearly there needed to be more detachment happening in my life, otherwise I would not have gotten that message a second time in the course of a week.

As always, the sound bowl meditation was remarkable. What I was looking forward to the most about it was exactly what I got: an opportunity to give up all control, and let someone else take the reins for a deep, hour-plus long meditation that is profoundly beautiful. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the routine I have every day; it really helps to keep me grounded, but, just like the yoga classes I teach and CrossFit I participate in nearly every day, I need to switch it up and let someone else’s routine take over for a bit.

After the meditation, Al and I felt really energized. I went home and made myself a bowl of the fresh pumpkin soup I had just made earlier in the day (something about the autumn harvest turns me into a chef every year: I get REALLY ambitious in the kitchen when pumpkins and pomegranates turn up in grocery stores!) and I sat down to journal my initial thoughts on my experience last night.

As soon as that was finished, I topped it off with pumpkin spiced rooibos tea from Trader Joe’s, and went directly to my closet and chucked one-third of my wardrobe.

It’s interesting how, too, the messages I have been getting from my personal tarot and oracle card readings have been communicating to me about these three things: detachment, prosperity & abundance, and dreams coming true.

I showed Al the pile that had built up inside my closet, and he laughed at me.

“I thought you were getting dressed to go out?”

I told him of course I was, and that this was only going to take a couple more minutes of my time. I couldn’t handle the overflowed look of my closet anymore.


Chuck all the crap.

I don’t need it, and, truly, it’s been bothering me for some time that I have things in my closet I don’t wear any more, and I am only hanging on to them because I “might” wear it again one day.

“You know the neighbor is having a garage sale tomorrow morning. She wanted to know if we had anything to add to it. You can give it to her to sell for you.”


Did that really just happen?

Detachment and prosperity showing up in one fell swoop right after the soundbowl meditation?

Also, yesterday was the last day of my personal 90-day journaling in my Empowerment and Achievement Journal coming out soon, an entire journal set up for daily goal setting and gratitude journaling.


Jill Rapperport doesn’t think so.

And I don’t think so either.

Another element of my detachment practice is that I need to let go of my goals just a little bit once in awhile. My overzealousness about the huge goals I have might be bordering on obsessive a bit, which isn’t empowering for anyone. The detachment card showed up for me again in that sense: let go of the end results I am striving for, and focus instead on what’s happening here and now, focus on the good things I can do in the moment, and especially the things I am passionate about doing. The end results will come, and, truly, they aren’t really an “end” anyway, they are just where I see myself in five years, specifically the home I see Al and I occupying. I learned I have to trust that these things will come to be on their own time, at their own pace, and that will manifest. My work is to keep focusing on creating within my companies and making people feel good.

My final journal entry, the sound bowl meditation, and the garage sale I know are not all coincidences. As soon as I brought the clothes and bags I didn’t want anymore to my neighbor’s house, I sold six things immediately. I walked home with six whole dollars right away, grateful as hell for the swift shift in things to come for me.

Besides all those great things happening, to add icing to this cake Al and I ran into my best friend from college, Jose, while we were out. It was a total surprise because he literally was just leaving, and Al and I were at this particular bar because our DJ friend was spinning there. It had been so long since I had seen him, it was truly the connection that the three of us needed to have again: to get grounded in the space of true friendship again, to laugh and catch up and have a good time again.

It’s amazing what clearing space can do for you. All of these energetic shifts occurring in my life are certainly working to move my life forward with a lot of momentum.

In congruence with our house becoming lighter and more buoyant, our souls are, too.

All we need to do is get rid of some crap. When you lighten your load, who knows what you are leaving space for to invite in?


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