Yoga Teacher Training!

My first official post is about yoga teacher training. I wanted to give this information a formal place where I can send anyone with inquiries to get some answers about what YogaRx is up to, what we are looking to do to expand, and how to become a qualified and certified YogaRx instructor.

Firstly, YogaRx is dedicated to brining high quality yoga to CrossFit boxes and similar gyms around the globe. I began YogaRx in 2012 in response to a demand specifically from members of the first CrossFit gym I worked at. Two years later, I have realized I have literally reached my limit for my reach as one person to try to go to as many boxes as possible. My ultimate goal, like any CrossFit coach’s goal, is to attain ultimate health and fitness. Out of all the ten tenets of fitness CrossFit HQ lists, only one of those fitness tenets affects ALL THE OTHER NINE: flexibility.

I have been CrossFitting and coaching CrossFit since 2011, so I have experience a lot within my own body and experienced everything else in my clients’ bodies. One thing I have found lacking in most CrossFit box programs is an adequate mobility program of any kind; namely, yoga.

Many gyms incorporate some sort of mobility training into their programs in their warm ups or cool downs, which is great. I even teach an hour long mobility class once a week at the box I train at, CrossFit Soul. I know the importance of mobility and how “partner smashing”, to incorporate the term I learned from KStarr’s mobility cert last year, is hugely important and effective when it comes to helping the body heal. In my experience, I have found this one hour class and the potential 10-20 minutes a few days a week to be good, but not the whole picture of what CrossFit clients need.

For me and my experience, yoga is totally the whole package. Yoga, for those who are unfamiliar, is a series of poses. That is basically the definition of yoga in it’s simplest form. These series of poses are taught in a flow-like sequence in YogaRx. From having practiced yoga for fifteen years to teaching for the past 6, I have discovered that flowing poses, adding an intentional of grace and fluency to movement, repetition of certain poses and long, deep singular holds of others, greatly encourages our bodies to heal themselves.

Yoga can get us into multiple ranges of motion all at once in singular poses. We can target just one or two aching muscle groups that is causing us to hold back in our training, like seated or standing forward folds, or we can hit many muscle groups all at once in our poses, like twisted triangle or warrior poses. Simultaneously stretching multiple muscle groups in multiple ranges of motion is essential for CrossFitters because we spend most of our time in only the sagittal plane of movement, whereas in yoga we are working through all planes of movement, sometimes simultaneously. Combine that with intentional long holds and fluid movement, our bodies will, with time, heal, feel lighter, and even wodding will eventually become much less “suck-ier”.

The first step to becoming a powerful, at-service YogaRx instructor is to complete Bala Vinyasa Yoga’s 200 hour Teacher Training program. Anyone can complete this program and they have it throughout the year at various locations in Florida. This summer is their inaugural two week intensive in Miami from July 11-26. Later this year the teacher training goes to Fort Lauderdale in conjunction with another studio there called Green Monkey. Complete the Bala Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, and you will be eligible to be a RYT through Yoga Alliance and be able to work at any yoga studio in the world. YogaRx participants will be eligible for certain discounts and deals if you first contact Nikki at Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher for CrossFitters or like athletes.

After completing the BV YTT, YogaRx will then have it’s own weekend workshop, projected to begin in 2015. This is the specialized weekend workshop where all YogaRx instructors will learn the basics on how to teach Restorative YogaRx and Power YogaRx, the two main styles of YogaRx taught in CrossFit boxes and gyms. This part of your training will REQUIRE the BV YTT certification, as well as being a CrossFitter at any box in the world. YogaRx’s goal is to maintain it’s integrity of the kind of yoga we bring to the wodding community. CF box owners from around the world have contacted me complaining about the instructors they hire who do not do CrossFit: the instructors don’t understand their CrossFitters wants and needs. They tend to push their members too hard and emphasize lots of handstands and the like, or try to bend their members into impossible pretzels.

This is not what YogaRx is about.

YogaRx is an invigorating and powerful class no matter if it is restorative or power yoga, and is meant to be taught to CrossFitters, by CrossFitters, from a space of opening up CrossFitter’s bodies and adding in softness, ease, and healing.

We spend all week breaking ourselves down in our boxes. We want to spend time building ourselves up.

Choose to be of service to your box. Choose to evolve your training, your fitness, your body. Choose YogaRx.

If interested, please email me.


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